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We all think and act differently.

Our personality determines our communication style, our behavioral tendencies and the way we react instinctively, especially under pressure.

*We are a certified practitioner of Equilibria*


E-Colors is a simple-but-effective tool for personality discovery. 
E-Colors helps you to understand and manage your own behaviors & reactions.
E-Colors is simple to use and extremely practical


The part of your personality that helps you empathize with and support others.

Blue - Relater

The part of your personality that helps you interact and engage with others.

Yellow - Socializer

The part of your personality that helps you plan and analyze information.

Green - Thinker

The part of your personality that helps you take action and get things done.

Red - Doer

12 Different Personality Styles

The Relating Doer
The Thinking Doer
The Socializing Doer
The Relating Socializer
The Thinking Socializer
The Doing Socializer
The Relating Thinker
The Doing Thinker
The Socializing Thinker
The Doing Relater
The Socializing Relater
The Thinking Relater

The E-Colors helps us improve our own self-awareness.


E-Colors theory suggests that we have all four E-Colors within us. That’s why understanding the varying degrees of each E-Color in us is tremendously useful.

Which Are You?


Small or big group workshop

Private one on one session

35 Questions

15 Minutes to Complete

3 Types of Reports

Free - Basic - Premium

> 1.3 mil people

Have already taken the PDI

Discover Your E-Colors, please click this link


  • Heightened self-awareness

  • Heightened awareness of others

  • Become a better communicator

  • Strengthen relationship with other

  • Become a good team player

Positive personal interactions


  • Improved communication & team cohesion

  • Reduced misunderstandings & team conflict

  • Intentional Leadership at all levels

  • Elevated commitment, accountability & trust

Organization performance improvements


  • Behave well

  • Get along with others

  • Become independent

Cultivate social skills


A global energy company with high-risk operations have recognize that the greatest resource is their people.

E-Colors is trusted by Chevron Thailand Since 2010 (upstream) and 2013 (downstream)

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